BanSenSuk e.V. Founding Meeting

Bremen, August 2018

On 25 August experts in international development, development workers, scientists, entrepreneurs and diplomats – all former colleagues in Laos – got together for a founding ceremony of “BanSenSuk e.V.”.

The association – literally translated as “The village of hundred-thousand-fold happiness” – aims to support young people in LDC and LLDC countries in their occupational development and in paving their way for a self-determined future.

BanSenSuk’s commitment is based on support at three levels:

  1. Individual mini projects, i.e. support of start-ups, education and training of individuals
  2. Workshops and trainings, i.e. Design-Thinking or Business-Model-Development workshops
  3. Cooperation and networks, i.e. support existing activities of partner organizations through capacity building, training of trainers (ToT), studies and evaluations

As a first step, the association will develop pilot measures, firstly by promoting education and training, and secondly by supporting small initiatives. On the basis of experiences gained, concepts will be updated for future programs and projects.

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Tracer Study on graduates from Lao Agriculture and Forestry Colleges

Vientiane, June 2018

The agriculture and forestry colleges in Laos are a major educator for skilled workforce in the agriculture, livestock, forestry and irrigation sector. With their student-centered and practice-oriented approach they emphasis on linking training to the labor market.

The recent tracer studies of higher-diploma graduates from 2016 & 2017 of three colleges brought up some encouraging examples of young graduates engaged in self-employed businesses. One inspiring example is Mr Duangda who is running an earth-worm-compost business in Sangthong district, now able to generate sufficient income for the whole family and to support his younger brother in further education.

The full tracer study reports can be assessed at

Support to BREMEN Global Championship “Planet Water”

Bremen, May 2018

“Water”, the theme of the 2018 Bremen Global Championship, is considered the blue gold of the 21st century – a theme of enormous and increasing relevance.

I am happy to support this local initiative – combining global learning on development issues with local sport and learning events – by launching interactive communication activities with secondary students.

Heading towards an award – Class 7e Gymnasium Horn… Good luck for finalizing your innovative project!

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